18 Oktober 2011

Two-week journey

Two weeks ago, there was a gathering event, held by my directorate at Bidadari island. Without any expectations, we went on Friday and got back on Saturday happily. This one night event is expected to be very pleasant and memorable. Sadly, once we step on the island, we were just shocked by the horrific environment. It was sooo dirty, unsuitable for us to swim or dive. To cure our disappointment, we just took our pictures during sunset. At night, we were having a dinner, accompanied by electric organ and a sexy female singer. Colored by fun games and the singer attraction, we ended up the day with joy :)
The day after, we were supposed to have fun games to bond us, but the weather condition made it not possible. Again, we spent our spare times to take some pictures until the check-out time. Well, it was disappointing but we still have to be grateful, don't we?

After being dreamed of visiting Batam for years, I visited it eventually last week, three days after my visit to Bidadari island. Well, not much to say. It's not as I ever thought it would be look like. What I know about Batam were, let say, cheap gadgets, nice cars from Singapore, or modern city landscape. But what I saw there was far from those images. Gadgets are no longer cheaper than here in Java, cars are old-fashioned and out-of-date, while the city is so not well-planned. That's why I didn't take any pictures while I was there, unless this one. Great Mosque of Batam.

I didn't have enough time to explore Batam as I held a seminar there, so I had to prepare many things to make sure the seminar went well. Nonetheless, I was still excited to visit Batam, not just because it's my very first time there, but from the seminar, at least I know more about what policies that my office made. I learn how to communicate with our stakeholders, how to hold a seminar and know things to be prepared before the event, and I know more about my colleagues from Sumatera through this event. My jobs make us not possible to relate or contact with many colleagues in my own office, so the seminar helps me to know them more. I got back home on Friday.

On Saturday, I went to Bandung with my mom. She came here to cure her illness. The curer is in Cianjur, 2 hours away by car from Bandung. We sleptover at my mom's friend's home. It is located beside Cipanas palace, one of president's palace in Indonesia. It is surrounded by mountain.
On Sunday, we went the curer. I call him curer because he is not a doctor. My mom had an abnormal sick. Kind of supernatural or voodoo in simple way.
Two hours consultation, we drove back home. On our way home, we bought some traditional drink, called cingcau, but it sounds like chinese name. I bet it originated from China. I don't know it in English. It's made from squeezed sort of leaves. Served with traditional sugar, coconut milk, and ice cube. It's a right choice to drink at hot mid-day. It costs only 15000 rupiahs, about 2 dollars for six glasses. Worth to try.

What a busy two-week :)

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